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000Relationships Articles - How to Seduce a Woman

How to Seduce Women

By James, Attraction Expert

It's one thing to know how to attract a woman. Any guy can get dressed up, style his hair nicely, and look good at a bar. But how do you take the next step--SEDUCING a woman?

Camille Paglia said that "Pursuit and seduction are the essence of sexuality. It's part of the sizzle.” Indeed, it's not enough to look good. Showing your interests, flirting shamelessly, using body language: these are all ingredients that make the thrill of the hunt so fun and seductive."

First let's look at what a lot of guys do incorrectly in trying to get a woman to bed:

1. They get really, really drunk.
Yeah, we've all had one of these nights. You drink a little too much (or a LOT too much), act like a creep, get really aggressive, stink of alcohol. All of it combines to drive the girl away. That's not seducing her to bed; it's inducing her to leave!

2. They have bad breath.
You can have everything else going right: you're making her laugh, she's into you, you're flirting just right. But if you've got bad breath, how can you expect her to want to even kiss you, let alone go home with you? Guys, make sure you have some Binaca, gum, or breath mints handy at all times.

3. They're not dressed well.
This is a simple one. If you look like you just woke out of bed, no girl's gonna be attracted to you. Let alone seduced. You don't have to dress like a model, but you sure as hell should watch what you wear and how you present yourself.

4. Bad posture/Body Language
Yeah, a little thing like bad posture can go a big way towards stopping your seduction goals. It's really important to sit up straight and have your shoulders back. You want to convey confidence and control as much as you can. Leaning over and not looking a girl in the eye will sabotage your efforts.

5. Bad BO.
Bad body odor is definitely a no-no. Guys, wear deodorant! And don't overdo on the cologne; it's not a substitute for a fresh shower and anti-perspirant, and sometimes, less is more.

6. They talk down on themselves.
Never, ever talk negatively of yourself. It's one thing to joke about yourself; for example, if you trip while walking her somewhere, say, "I meant to do that," not "Oh, I'm such a friggin' clutz!" Show confidence and belief in yourself. Make her believe that your life goes on without her; you've got so much going on that you can deal with rejection.

On the other hand, don't make the next mistake, which too many guys do...

7. They talk TOO highly of themselves.
While it's great to show belief in yourself, it's not a good idea to come across as an arrogant jerk. If anything, talking really highly of yourself shows insecurity and selfishness...not ideal characteristics to portray when trying to get a woman in bed.

8. They try too hard.
Nothing makes a woman want to get bed with you less, than you pushing her to do more. Guys who plead with women to come to bed, grab onto them without their consent, and say really obvious things like, "C'mon, come to my place, it'll be fun," are destined to a night alone. Girls don't want to seem easy; they want to feel like a man earned her body. Thinking a woman will go home with you when you basically tell her not thinking at all.

9. They don't listen.
Sometimes listening is all you need to do to get a woman excited. Give a girl your ear, and she'll give you her heart. Seriously, understanding her and giving her a chance to be heard goes a long way towards making yourself more attractive. In my How to Be Irresistible to Women course, I teach you some great ways to show a girl that you're actively listening--and how to make her more active in return. Unfortuantely, too many guys only want to talk about themselves. That's a bad mistake.

10. They don't have any confidence.
This is the biggest problem. Even when a girl is interested in them, so many guys don't know how to proceed. They think too much about what to do, instead of just relaxing and seeing what happens. Of course, you have to have some rough idea of how to steer things to the bedroom, but for the most part, the best way is to just settle in, flirt, and talk like you mean it. The girl will take care of the rest.

To learn about what are some GOOD ways to seduce a woman, read my articles, How to Flirt with Girls and How to Attract Women.

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