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000Relationships Articles - How to Attract Women
with Carlos Xuma

Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Man

By James

There are lots of so-called experts out there who tell you how to act, without telling you how to be yourself.

Carlos Xuma is not one of those guys.Carlos Xuma: How to Attract Women

In his "Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Man" course, Xuma doesn't give you random techniques that any 15-year-old with an internet connection can write. He explains, in detail, what women are specifically attracted to, leveraging your personality for maxium gain, and how to direct your energies in the proper manner for total success with women--and with life.

Some of the many topics Carlos explains in detail, from the perspective of a man who's been through the dumps before but changed himself by starting inside, include:

  • Qualification: The Essence of Alpha Attitude
  • REAL Game Philosophy
  • Three Winning Attitudes to Impress Women
  • 5 Things to Never Talk About with Women
  • The Keys to Dating Success
  • Motivating Yourself to Get More Girls
  • How Even Geeks Can Get '10's' with Alpha Attitude
  • What Bad Boys Have That Nice Guys Don't

It's great stuff that I find speaks directly to the average Joe like you and me. Carlos speaks to the guys who have tried to get women but can't seem to figure out what is they want. The guys who just need that extra spark of motivation, that extra boost of confidence. Carlos really examines the attitudes that make men successful. Not the looks, not the money that make money successful--the attitudes.

What he suggests is that in order to get the prize girls, you have to act like a prize yourself. You have to be the ALPHA MAN. Not the arrogant, jock, caveman types of "Alpha male", but the 21st century alpha MAN.

As Xuma says in his free Dating Dynamics newsletter (highly Carlos Xuma: How to Attract Womenrecommended), " 'Alpha' behavior is NOT bad." In fact, he says, it pays to be the Alpha man, even from an evolutionary stance. "It's the one that is most likely to procreate and get its genes into the next round of the "Keep the species alive" game. So it really does make sense to get successful with women if you think about it like this. If you don't find a woman to mate with and create little teeny versions of you, then it all ends with you."

Take a moment and think about all the traits that might be limiting you from getting the women you want. Some of these may include fear, shyness, self-doubt, giving women all the power. In contrast, an Alpha Man has these traits:

  • Clever/smart/cunning
  • Ambitious
  • Excited
  • Honorable
  • Dominant (not aggressive, but demonstrating superior social skills)
  • Stable
  • Fit (healthy lifestyle)
  • Curious
  • Balanced
  • Natural

Can you understand why the Alphas get the women and the bashful men who don't adopt a leadership position, do NOT get women?

Being an Alpha isn't what we often think it means: being a jock, being arrogant, being brass.

But it DOES mean adopting the attitudes that will make girls want you: the confidence, the comfort, the control, and the courage. If you want to be a catch, you have to find the inner, alpha catch that's inside you. Carlos Xuma shows you how. Check out his comprehensive audio course now!

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-- Richie B. (Seychelles Islands)

"I have had trouble with women for so long now, however I have already learned a lot of great stuff in your newsletters. You have such a great way of looking at women and situations involving women and the best thing is everything you say actually works! I can't wait for the next issue."
-- Rico Grant (USA)

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