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000Relationships Articles - Mastering Renegade Rapport!

Renegade Rapport: Should You Get It?

By James

On February 1, the seduction community changes forever.

On that date, the exclusive product that everyone's been waiting for, Renegade Rapport, is released.

But is it worth the hype?

Yours truly was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few to receive an advance copy of the book. Much like Neil Strauss' "Annihilation Method," this is one of those products that you have to join Renegade Rapport Reviewan "exclusive list" to be a part of. The lead-up to the releasehas been quite clever, and I have to admit I was more than just a little curious.

But after the disappointment I had over The Annihilation Method, I was very skeptical. Usually, the bigger the hype, the bigger the letdown.

Still, I was willing to give Renegade Rapport a chance. And boy, I am REALLY glad I did!

This actually is one of those rare products, like the Venusian Arts Handbook, that is so good that it can completely change your game, in a short period of time. It actually lives up to the hype, because it delivers on information you can actually use to get hot babes without feeling like a complete fool (read: the ridiculous and foolish "Inner Game Tapping").

So what makes Renegade Rapport work?

Well, as Joseph himself says,

"part of the reason I started down the path of Renegade Rapport was BECAUSE I was so lazy! I hate to have to memorize pages and pages of routines, patterns, lines, etc. just to meet girls."

And that’s what I find is the beauty of Renegade Rapport. You don’t really need to memorize ANYTHING. It’s a completely conceptual system. Once you understand a few fundamental concepts, you’re ready to go.

Of course, if you really want to go even deeper into it, you can. The system is in place.

Now, many of you might have heard of "NLP", or Neurolinguistic Programming. It's the "hypnosis"-like method of attraction popularized by guys like Ross Jeffries.

Understand: Renegade Rapport isn’t straight NLP. You’re not "tricking" women into liking you (thank God!), but rather making them aware of your inner and outer attractiveness.

There are some fundamentals based around NLP concepts, but this system is about learning to emotionally CONNECT with other human beings, and then LEAD them to where you want to go emotionally.

What I really like is, it is an extremely FOCUSED system. You won’t get bogged down with stuff like “anchoring,” or “synesthesia,” nor will you have to have a PhD in psychology to pull it off. It's clear, interesting, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE!

As Joseph himself says, "I designed this system to be EASY to understand and use. And these concepts are fundamental to the successful use of the Self Mastery Method."

Some guys have said that Matthews' system is similar to the (excellent) "Charisma Arts" program of Juggler, aka Wayne Elise.

But I'd say there is one MAJOR difference her. One that Juggler himself didn't work into this program.

In my system, Rapport is NOT a “phase.”

It’s not a step you take on your way to something else. If you read through the free Self-Mastery ebook, you’ll understand that I feel every step that happens in dating and seduction is BASED on rapport. It's not just important--it's essential.

In that sense, knowing how to create and sustain rapport - with ANYONE - is fundamental to success. You just have to do it.

And Renegade Rapport, I've found, is the way there.

That is the big difference I feel this course has to offer from the many, many other ones out there.

To me, Rapport is the foundation upon which everything else is built. To most others, it’s a step in a process.

When you see Renegade Rapport for yourself, and how powerful the techniques are, you’ll understand what I mean.

For more information on Renegade Rapport, check out Joseph Matthews' exclusive sign-up page.

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