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Top 10 Signs to Tell If She Is Interested?

By James, Attraction Expert

No one can deny that body language plays a crucial role in catching girls’ attention–and keeping it. Nearly *75%* of signals women send is through body language--so you're not going to find out if she's into you from words alone!

Unfortunately, many men miss out on these signals, and thus miss out on the girl. The good news is, if you CAN read a girl's signals, you stand out from the rest of guys, and make yourself all the more attractive! With that said, here are 6 signs that she's not into you, and 10 signs that she is!

1. Not making eye contact with you—looking around, eyeing her friends, looking anywhere but at you
2. Legs crossed—always a bad sign. This means she’s closing herself off to you
3. Arms crossed—This can convey annoyance and impatience. Definitely a bad sign.
4. Hands on her hips—This can also convey impatience. Not looking good.
5. Leaning backwards—It’s much better when a woman is leaning towards you. If you notice her leaning away from you, keeping her distance, it means you’ve gotten too close for her comfort and she’s not that into you, at least at this point.
6. A weak handshake—Do you shake a girl’s hands when you meet her? If you do and notice that hers is weak and she is quick to take back her hand, then she’s not very impressed.

1. She looks down when you see her and smiles–A very good sign. She’s shy but wants you to come over to talk to her.
2. She’s twirling her hair around–Definitely into you.
3. Licks her lips–unless you can tell she’s screwing with you, this is a very good sign!
4. Open legs–Open legs, open mind. She’s open to hearing more from you–and who knows what else.
5. Sideways glance–The classic Hollywood flirtation, this is a coy, seductive way of showing her interest
6. Fondling a cylindrical object (cigarette, glass, etc.)–VERY good sign! And a hint of what she may have in mind for later on in the evening…
7. Fondling her shoe (shoe is slight off her foot, twisting her foot in circles)–This is that classic shy signal that girls use to display interest.

But wait...aren't there TEN tips on reading female body language? Yes, there are. But I can't fit all the salacious details in just one short article! For the really good stuff, check out my online course on how to attract women. You'll learn tons more that I can't even cover here because it's too powerful. Be the guy who knows what the other guys don't. Get the insider secrets on getting any woman you want.

Yeah, that's right, even those hot chicks that other guys are afraid to approach. Check out my How to Attract Women course right now - you won't regret it.

Author of "How to Be Irresistible to Women"
Start attracting women now!

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