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On these web pages, members of share with you their experiences of How to Be Irresistible to Men. I am sure that you will enjoy reading how the How to Be Irresistible to Men course has helped so many women just like you! Will you be next?

Success Story #1: Eve L.

"You Totally Changed Me from a Frump to an Attractive Woman Who Constantly Gets Emails from Young and Old Alike!"

testimonial photo"I don't know where to begin but you totally changed me from a frump to an attractive soon-to-be 58-yr. old who has constantly gotten emails (through dating websites) from the young and old alike, I'm having the time of my life.. Everyone should have a copy of How to be Irresistible to Men---no doubt, the encyclopedia for raising your self-esteem, attracting quality men, to getting over a break-up in the least possible time.

I let a friend of mine read the 6-Part Mini Course---she's the kind that constantly looks down on herself because of her weight, and it completely changed her attitude, she is now in touch with a lot of guys wanting to meet her in person.

I fill up my car with gas and I get gazes, smiles and waves here and there. I go to department stores and men associates would check if I got what I was looking for---never got this kind of attention before---thanks to your book and timely emails which always answer any dilemma I am having at the time. How you knew it, I'll never guess but you're always right on the money. Thanks and more power."
-- Eve L.(Virginia)

Success Story #2: Claudia Ramírez

"'How to be Irresistible to Men' is the product that has more down to earth advice and more real life examples."

testimonial photo"In my life I've purchased many different products about how to be more attractive and successful with men, and I always get to read the same stuff over and over from different sources ... mostly always the same approach. How to Be Irresistible to Men is the product that has more down to earth advice and more real life examples. The biggest benefit, was a boost in my self esteem and the discovery of amazing things about myself that I didn't even considered possible. As for today I love myself as a woman and this is wonderful because when you feel that, everyone around you (especially men) feel attracted by that "je ne sai quoi", you know ... something special about yourself that makes them want to be near you and get to know you. How to Be Irresistible to Men has helped me overcome my insecurity and shyness.

"It is amazing how by reading and practicing everything in this program, one can be transformed in a blink of an eye! Once I heard that "If you continue to do the same thing, you will continue to always get the same result." How to Be Irresistible to Men is a different approach that will make you open your eyes to a great new you, this stuff really works!! It will let you be more confident treating with men in any place… and the best is that men feel like not getting enough from being with you!"
-- Claudia Ramírez (Mexico)

Success Story #3: Mercedes Reese

"A Must Course for All Women!"

testimonial photo"Don’t go another day through life without the experience of reading Amy Waterman’s book on “How to be Irresistible to Men”. This book has explained and showed me how to love myself first and be happy completely with myself! I am more loving now than I have ever been in my life and want to give love more openly and freely without any expectations. A must course for all Women!"
-- Mercedes Reese (Texas)

Success Story #4: Melissa Soto

"I love your How to Be Irresistible to Men course and I hope you guys keep creating great stuff!"

testimonial photo "I just want to say that the "How to Be Irresistible to Men" course has absolutely changed my perspective on dating, relationships, and men. It's no longer about games or playing around. It's genuinely about learning to love men as they are and most of all learning to love myself. And if there's one thing that this course has taught me, it's that more than anything it's very important to love yourself, and if you love yourself naturally, everything works in accordance with that. So thank you very much, I love your "How to Be Irresistible to Men" course, and I hope you guys keep creating great stuff."
-- Melissa Soto (Connecticut)

Success Story #5: Charlotte Burton

"Like a well-known product in the UK,
'It does exactly what it says on the tin!'"

"I definitely would recommend How to Be Irresistible to Men as it is not only easy to read, but easy to implement – I enjoyed reading it, found myself thinking far more positively about the ongoing seach, and while I haven’t found the right person yet, I am having a great time doing so… I found the most useful part of the course was figuring out how to just have fun getting to know new people without attaching any special expectations. Unlike many other relationship or similar products it actually helps you find and then figure out a solution to what was holding you back – like a well-known product in the UK, “It does exactly what it says on the tin”!
-- Charlotte Burton, UK

Success Story #6: Heather Downes

"I'd definitely recommend How to be Irresistible to Men to all women. I actually already have."

I'd definitely recommend How to be Irresistible to Men to all women. I actually already have. The biggest benefit I've gained from How to be Irresistible to men was coming to the realisation that I was doing it all wrong. I was searching for the man of my dreams, and it was hard work, thinking somehow this would improve my life, when in fact it isn't hard work, or shouldn't be, and from reading your course I realised I want to be the best I can be for me, and when I'm with someone, I want us to be greater than the sum of our parts.

Funnily enough, the problem it helped me solve was accepting who I am and just having fun when out with a group with everyone rather than having my eye on one person and not enjoying the night because I didn't get to speak to them. It works very well actually, because by not focusing on speaking to that one person I actually had more fun and ended up talking to everyone, making my evenings out more productive. Others should gain from purchasing How to be Irresistible to men a valuable insight into how easy things can be..."
-- Heather Downes (UK)

Success Story #7: Joanna Yang

"...The course has equipped me with the ability to give a man
that powerful 'gut feeling' that tells him I am the one."

testimonial photo"I’ve known the guy that I am attracted to for about 17 months. He is quite shy and is a very private person. I find myself particularly attracted to him. The big age and culture difference is a bit concern for both of us. In the last 7 months, I’ve tried all my tricks try to impress him like sending him gifts, writing him love letters and cooking for him. My hard work has not improved anything and he seemed to become "distant" and withdrawn. I almost gave up, thinking he just sees me as a friend, not a relationship material.

"I then tried the [How to Be Irresistible to Men] program and applied the techniques and ideas in it on him. Guess what’s up? It is just like a magic turn. He kissed me last night and told me I am the most special and attractive girl he’s ever been with. And it is just within 3 weeks from the day I watched the program…

"[How to Be Irresistible to Men] works just like magic and you’ll have your peace, power, grace and integrity back no matter how old you are. You’ll find out yourself to be more attractive to people around you and work out what on earth in a man’s mind and how to communicate and flirting with them in a playful way. You’ll find yourself having more self esteem, more confidence more generous to give your love away and hence have a much more fulfilled happy relationship. As a result your change will draw great guys with loving natures around you and you’ll have the ability to identify bad boys at early stage before you’ve consumed huge amount of precious time, energy, youth and put your love in the wrong person’s hand who does not deserve you at all.

"There might be only one opportunity to have the best guy suits you most. What I know is if I miss it, I am unable to turn the clock around. I am pretty sure now the course has equipped me the ability to give a man that powerful "gut feeling" that tells him I am the one. What I have gained from How to Be Irresistible to Men course has been priceless."
-- Joanna Yang (Canterbury, NZ)

Success Story #8: Karen Gall

"Your Site is the Best Investment in My Life that I've Made to Date!"

testimonial photo"Your advice is invaluable as there is a lot of info out there on the net for blokes on how to 'seduce' women in not so admirable ways which only ensures short term success whereas yours is the 'real' genuine stuff which guarantees long term fulfillment & a win win situation for all. You also encourage self improvement rather than looking to someone else to provide that. In other words, relationships should "add value" to your life as a full rounded individual!

I refer to your site on a regular basis & it's the best investment in my life that I’ve made to date & has saved my soul in a sense... Thanks,"
-- Karen Gall (Australia)

Success Story #9: Angie

"You Have Helped Me Overcome Shyness and Given Me More Confidence!"

testimonial photo"My marriage had broken up and I felt out of touch with the dating scene. I was online looking for some advice and information so I would feel more comfortable instead of a fish out of water. I was forwarded to this site. I was happy to read that with a membership fee, I could get answers to so many questions. I signed up immediately. The articles and e-books that I read helped me realize that men are a bit different than I realized.

This site has helped me overcome shyness and given me more confidence to attract and speak with men. It also has given some insight on what a guy is actually looking for in a woman. Thank you for putting a site up with all of this information, it has really helped!"
-- Angie (New York)

Success Story #10: Iliana Colon

"I've been putting into practice some of the advice you give and I am seeing the difference!"

testimonial photo"I have recommend [How to Be Irresistible to Men] to my friends because it has helped me in overcoming some of my insecurities. I've shared with them what I've been reading and even forwarded a couple of your newsletters that I think apply to what they are going through at the time. I have 4 friends that have gone through really bad breakups and they just don't seem to move on at all, so I forwarded one of your newsletters that was about breakups.... I still have some to work on but I've been putting into practice some of the advice you give and I am seeing the difference. Last night my friend & I went to a bar for a couple of drinks. I dressed pretty and a little sexy but very feminine. Across the bar was a really cute guy, so from my end I made eye contact and started to flirt and he kept looking back and smiling. In my old days I would have been really shy and had avoided looking back... [How to Be Irresistible to Men has helped me in] overcoming my shyness. I am learning to love myself and stop comparing myself to other woman and see that I am unique."
-- Iliana Colon (Florida)

Success Story #11: Mary Wright

"I Love My New Life!"

testimonial photo"Sarah Paul [author of original e-book "How to Be Irresistible to Men"] has given me the confidence I needed to re-enter into the dating field. The past six years, I have had many disastrous relationships. I understand now where I made the mistakes and now I can look at men in a different light--my spotlight! I have greater love for myself and I know I am deserving of only the best of what life has to offer. If that includes a man or not, it is up to ME. I only spend time with men that are worthwhile and in Sarah's information I learned how to define what I want and get what I want, while the man thinks he is in control! I love my new life! Thank you SARAH!"
-- Mary Wright (Illinois)

Success Story #12: C. Ramirez

"Before Knowing Your Advice I felt I Had Some Kind of Man Repellent!"

testimonial photo"Before knowing your advice I was unnoticed by the opposite sex, I felt I had some kind of men repellent. I thought that being irresistible was just about having great looks. Since following your advice, men are drawn to me effortlessly, I've improved my self confidence and feel desirable and sexy!"
-- C. Ramirez (USA)

Success Story #13: Veronica Skin

testimonial photo"Thanks for giving me insights to dating that I would've thought I knew--but I didn't!!!"

"Thanks for giving me insights to dating that I would've thought I knew--but I didn't!!! I'm newly divorced and been out of the game for twenty years, so I needed instruction. I don't think I had this information 'back then' either! Well, your articles and the audio recordings REEEALLLLY kept me from making mistakes with a particular guy that I am desiring to marry and to help keep him interested in me--and it is working."
-- Veronica Skin (USA)

Success Story #14: Cori Erikson

"Your program has helped me get to know men better..."

testimonial photo"Your program has helped me get to know men better by providing ways in which to interact with them more freely. I was really scared of interacting with guys for a long time because they can be rather intimidating to me. However, by being able to relate with men on a more personal level and by giving specific techniques of talking and flirting with them has helped a lot so again, thank you."
-- Cori Erikson (Australia)

Success Story #15: Dolan

"I recommend this book for all women, without reservation."

"I was just going through the 12 video courses of your how to be irrestible to men. I wanted to compliment you on a personal level. You were looking so beautiful and radiant in that. It felt like the words were coming from deep down your heart, and it was wonderful. Your face had such a beautiful glow. I felt like crying. It was such a great peace that settled into me. And for a few moments I felt that every thing is so wonderful and blissful. I wished it could continue forever, and felt a bit sad at the last video. But, then that is how things are.

Every time, we had been taught to be on our toes, defending ourselves and being with the rules, else, we won't get what we want. It is so rarely that we hear such beautiful definitions of love and relationships, where we can be just ourselves and feel absolutely safe in being that beautiful being that we are. Hoping to discover more of that beauty."
-- Dolan Champa.

Success Story #16: Mary E. Smith

testimonial photo"'How to Be Irresistible to Men' really WORKS!!!"

"Thanks to you, I have enjoyed learning about the issues people have in love relationships (and learned a lot about myself in the process). How to be Irresistible to Men really WORKS!!!"
-- Mary E. Smith (Washington)

Success Story #17: Lorraine

"Your words helped me to see the situation in a more positive way and a rainbow, a little hidden, amidst my sadness...thank you!!"

testimonial photo"Thank you so very much for your insights! I just had a relationship end, and while I have no feelings of anger and resentment, your words helped me to see the situation in a more positive way and a rainbow, a little hidden, amidst my sadness...thank you!!"
-- Lorraine (USA)

Success Story #18: Sonny Chan

"I would recommend your program to any woman!"

testimonial photo"I would recommend How To Be Irresistible To Men to any woman because it is an excellent program... Thanks Amy for being the expert when it comes on finding men and boyfriends!!! Thanks to you, I have enjoyed learning about the issues people have in love relationships (and learned a lot about myself in the process)."
-- Sonny Chan (New York, NY)

Success Story #19: Serena Botham

"I am so glad I read this book - the various benefits will continue to help me for the rest of my life."

"My confidence with men and self-worth have improved, as well as my appreciation of men and how to bring out the best in them. I am so glad I read this book - the various benefits will continue to help me, with all my interpersonal relationships with men, for the rest of my life."
-- Serena Botham (Scotland)

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More Testimonials for My FREE Mini-Course!

Women across the world have been raving about my FREE 6-Part E-Course. Why not find out what all the fuss is about for yourself? Read these testimonials, then click on the link to sign up!


Mini-Course Success Story #1: Tania

"The Best Christmas Present Anyone Has Ever Given Me!"

"My best friend has seen how hard it has been for me to get involved in a new relationship since I broke up with my ex a while ago, so that's why she signed me up for your free course. I've been telling her this was the best Christmas present anyone has ever given to me! Your course helped me realize that even though I don't hold any hard feelings towards my ex ... I do have A LOT of negative thoughts and reactions that are the result of that bad relationship.

So that's why today, being the last day of the year, I've decided to change completely, follow all your advice, I already bought the whole course, and I am sure my love life will be just as I want it to be next year! Thank you so much for this new, real and healthy way of seeing relationships! I'm sooo tired of the old stuff!"
-- Tania R.(Mexico)

Mini-Course Success Story #2: Mariya

"It Really Condenses Everything a Woman Needs To Know!"

"I love your smile!  I really liked your 6 day course.  I have looked at various self-help dating material lately, and I liked it that your course is written with a lot of kindness and warmth towards women, and genuine caring. Thanks for putting it all together so nicely.  I printed out the 6 day course and will come back to it.  I would say it condenses everything a woman needs to know about dating and relationships today."

Mini-Course Success Story #3: Rongo M.

"Absolutely Marvellous!!! Love it!!"

"I had just about despaired in finding someone who could help me sort through relationship issues without getting me to behave like a manipulating woman.

I love the fact that it's more about developing yourself as a person rather than just getting a man. My real problem was that I was uncomfortable with all the attention from men and would then become standoffish. As a consequence I was continuously attracting men looking for a prize and not a relationship.

I tried some of the exercises recently and immediately noticed the different calibre of people who were attracted to my company. Absolutely marvellous!!!! Love it! Thank you."
-- Rongo Makara (New Zealand)

Mini-Course Success Story #4: SCL

"I Realised I Was Doing All the Wrong Things to Find True Love!"

"Dear Amy, Thank you so very much!! You are amazing....I mean it!! Never had I thought of love in this way before, you opened up my eyes. After reading your articles and going through the exercises I realised I was doing all the wrong things to find true love. One line in your course still comes to mind...My greatest power as a woman lies in my ability to love freely, openly and generously - Not in my ability to be the object of men's desires!!

I AM A NEW PERSON. Amy, keep up the good assured that we appreciate it alot for it is life changing. I smile at almost everyone now and am more lighthearted towards guys and I dont label them all cheaters!! I've made lots of new friends...girls too, and I feel great about the new me. Friends have even commented on this and ive recommended they try you out...your a winner Amy."
-- SCL (Tanzania)

Mini-Course Success Story #5: Aamani

"It Felt So Good to Get Something that Struck a Chord in My Heart."

"Thanks for the mini-course very much. I was really a bit tired of all the rules and regulations in the dating world, and one night, a bit sad, I looked at the sky, and said - there should be something more.

And the very next day, an email came referring to you. I was attracted by the How to Be Irresistible to Men website, and signed up for the mini-course. It felt so good to get something that struck the chord in my heart- and made me feel so good. I like your spiritual approach very much and hope you continue more with it, enlightening more and more people. Thanks for your help and I hope I can apply them in my life."
-- Aamani (India)

Mini-Course Success Story #6: Julie W.

"Your Mini-Course is a Sword!"

"Thank you so much Amy, This is the real stuff,I am so greatful that you brought across this mini-course. Wow its a weapon and you know what? I have my own reasons why I subject it like that. Man this is new Julie, the old is gone, without this weapon I wouldn't have won this self battle in me and be changed and thats the fact.

I am a happy person and guess how long it took for changes in me just right after the second day by applying what I read. Thanking you once again Amy for the KEYS to my future successful relationship."
-- Julie W. (Papau New Guinea)

Mini-Course Success Story #7: Mary-Ann

"I Luckily Found Your Site!"

"Dear Amy, After an internet search for dating protocol I luckily found your site. Two others did not offer as much practical and freely offered advice. Yours was straight-forward, honest and not filled with coy game playing or seduction games to "catch" men or "keep" men as other sites I had read were filled with. Those sites were off-putting and to me appeared to be a false way of developing honest and healthy and rewarding relationships.

Your message is one of personal self-awareness, and the first and most important thing in life is what I found in your messages and that is to like oneself. For if one values oneself, with that one can radiate all kinds of positive and loving energy. I read your mini-course lessons and found them most valuable, and I learned quite a bit from them. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me. You have obviously put much thought and research into this to be able to offer such worthwhile advice."
--Mary-Ann M. (Toronto)

Mini-Course Success Story #8: Alison

"Thank You For Being Honest!"

"I really enjoyed your 6 day mini course. Thank you for being honest about all those self-help books out there! I read some of "The Rules", "Men Are From Mars," etc. I stopped reading books because I felt like they all had the same slant - that men were stupid and could be trained to your liking. I think it's insulting to them and it's foolish to think anyone can be "trained" or changed. The only person you can change is yourself. A man has to love me for me.

I've been with my current boyfriend for over a year now. I'm looking for ways to increase intimacy because I haven't been able to sustain a long-term relationship in a long time. After a lot of therapy, it seems I have attracted my soul mate! We have a lot in common and we're very comfortable with each other. Thank you for putting your mini course out there."
--Alison Taylor.

Mini-Course Success Story #9: Frances

"I Feel Inspired and Honored!"

"I feel inspired and honored to be one of your many readers subscribed to your daily emails. I do not have words to describe how this has changed my perception about dating and relationships. I went out on a date first time this weekend since last November. I was the only lady amongst a group of guys who are friends to the guy I hooked up with and I shared with them some of the information and knowledge I am getting from your mails. The feeling was so good as all of them wished they could hook up with a lady like me.

I have forwarded your newsletters to some of my friends here in S.A and hoping you will get more comments on your courses."
--Frances Thekiso. (South Africa)

Mini-Course Success Story #10: Tina

"It Really Changed Me!"

"Hi, Amy. Thanks for giving me the 6 Day Mini Course. I keep on reading it because it really changes me. Everyday seem a lighter day for me. I never think negative about myself and it helps to gain my self confidence. Again, thank you so much..."
-- Tina (Phillippines)

Mini-Course Success Story #11: Stacey P.

"Your Newsletters are the REAL Thing."

"At first I thought your course would be like any other course but after carefully reading each newsletter that I got from you, I learned alot from them and found out things I never would think of before. Thanks for your help. Your newsletters are the REAL thing."
-- Stacey P.

Mini-Course Success Story #12: Portia

"I Was Really Impressed!"

"I really enjoyed going through the course; it was so enlightening to discover that some of the things I take for granted actually do matter hey... I was really impressed by the revelation of the difference between attraction and REAL love and ya... I've learnt my bit. Thank you so much!"
-- Portia (Zimbabwe)

Mini-Course Success Story #13: Deanna

"This Course Has Helped Me to Better Understand My Boyfriend."

"Amy, Thank you for the mini-course. This course has helped me to better understand myself and my boyfriend, also.

Your course has changed the way I feel about myself. I am happier which, as your course points out, is what attracts other people to me."
-- Deanna

Mini-Course Success Story #14: Katherine

"Much Insight Into Love!"

"Thank-you very much! Much insight into love! Everything begins with you."
-- Katherine Heppner

Mini-Course Success Story #15: Geri

"I Am Going to Be More Positive in future!"

"I've just finished reading your mini course and it has made me realize just how negative about myself and men I had become!! I recently received two compliments from males that I did not know. I did not accept them with [the] graciousness that they were meant.... I am going to be more positive and smiley in future. Thank you for the lessons."
-- Geri (U.K.)

Mini-Course Success Story #16:

"Thank You for Providing All This Free of Charge!"

"Hi Amy, my name is Lindsay and I'm writing from the land down under (Australia).
I enjoyed your course and will pass the link on to other friends. The angle you promoted came across to me as containg all the essential requirements to make a relationship successful. Logic, love, spirituality, respect, honesty and decency.

Thank you for providing this all free of charge, as you would be well aware the universe will certainly repay you ten fold for your generosity to others. I look forward to reading more of your material."
-- Lindsay (Australia)




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