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Attract Women

How to Be Irresistible to Women

Are you too shy to meet women? Does your gut clench before you approach a gorgeous girl? How to Be Irresistible to Women PREMIUM has the answers to these questions and more. Don’t settle for other seduction packages that charge you the moon for a single e-book that looks like it was thrown together in a text editor. With How to Be Irresistible to Women PREMIUM , you’ll get 5 HOURS of audio lessons covering the approach, developing a killer identity, knowing what women are all about, and more. That's not even including the a comprehensive workbook, original e-book, a half-dozen fully-illustrated bonus books on topics that you NEED to know, and video library you get .... all for one low price!

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Mastery Series

The MASTERY Series

It's finally here! 8 HOURS of intensive instruction in the greatest seduction techniques practiced by the masters themselves. All the big names are here: Thundercat, Carlos Xuma, Dr. Alex Benzer, Zan ... even the mysterious Mr. X! How to Be Irresistible to Women: The MASTERY Series will take you to the next level in mastering real success with women, with top-secret tips and advice from the leading dating gurus.

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Kissing 101

Kissing 101
Your Essential Guide to Kissing Tips and Techniques

Are you stressed about whether or not you are a good kisser? Have you wanted to get better at kissing but don't know where to go or who to ask? Are you too embarrassed or self conscious to ask your friends? Well, this fantastic, fully-illustrated book written by Michelle Penney details every last thing you ever wanted about kissing, plus some tips and techniques to transform your kissing style from ordinary into mind-blowing! This is the kissing manual for anyone who's ever wanted to become a better kisser.

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Save Marriage

Save My Marriage Today!

Sometimes the person you want to attract the most isn’t that handsome or beautiful stranger. It is your own spouse. When marriages struggle, both partners can feel alone and as if they have no one to turn to. Save My Marriage Today! can be a lifeline. Even if your partner no longer wants to work on your marriage, this two-volume set will teach you how you can bring your marriage back from the verge of divorce.

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Premium Marriage-Saving Advice

Save My Marriage Today
PREMIUM Home Study Course

Join host Andrew Rusbatch, guest clinical psychologist Richard Wheeler and regular guest Amy Waterman as they discuss the most pertinent marriage crises facing couples today, such as how to deal with a partner who's addicted to the internet, gambling, alcohol or drugs; how to deal with the betrayal of infidelity; how to resolve money problems; and how to live with a partner who's depressed. You'll also learn why your marriage conflict is inviting you into a very special place of growth. Learn more now.

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Meet Your Sweet

ultimate attraction transformation series

Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series

Have you ever felt that you need more than just an ebook to help you navigate through the potholes and pitfalls of modern dating? Have you ever felt that you need advice in more than just one area, but you're not sure which area to focus on first?

Redemption is in the form of Meet Your Sweet's Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series. With one series each for men and women, this truly represents the next generation of dating advice. Attractively and dynamically presented over 12 monthly issues, this truly is a year of transformation in every aspect of seduction and attraction. Approach advice, conversation tips, dating strategy, health and lifestyle advice, relationship management and a special sealed section for more intimate instruction, this truly is a fact-filled, all-encompassing journey. It's like having your own personal success coach right there beside you.

Discover how you can begin your ultimate attraction transformation with the combined talents of Mirabelle Summers, Slade Shaw, Amy Waterman, Andrew Rusbatch, a host of interviewed guests, and much more!

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attract women

Fireworks With Females

Have you ever wanted to convey what a great guy you are to the women of your choice... but never known where to start? Perhaps you've got her initial attention, but the more you talk and try, you feel her attraction slipping away? Slade Shaw teaches you how to effortlessly attract not just any woman, but one that will stick around in a relationship in this 215+ page ebook, bursting with pages of tips, techniques, and potent advice that's going to enable you to gain access to the truly elite women and create dynamic attraction that you have previously only dreamed of. Discover the two-part process to establishing winning beliefs, the essentials of lifestyle design, how to be compelling and start a conversation with women, what women really want in a man, how to make your relationship last, and much more in this life-changing course!

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Supreme Self-Confidence
in Dating, Relationships, and Social Situations

Do you want to achieve success in your personal life, dating, social situations, career, and relationships? Do you see people more successful than you in life and wonder what their secret is? It all comes down to one crucial ingredient: self-confidence. Slade Shaw teaches you how to achieve unstoppable self-confidence in this 184-page ebook, chock-full pages of tips, techniques, and advice that is going to channel your energies into overcoming your worst enemy: your lack of confidence!

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2nd Chance

2nd Chance:
How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex

Have you broken up with a loved one and want to do anything to win back their love? Crying? Begging? Pleading? Threatening? All to get your ex to give you another chance? Have you thought about dating someone else to make your ex jealous and want you back? If you aren't sure WHAT is the best approach to take to give yourself the best possible chance of success at getting back together, then you need to put an end to the guesswork and get the real answers. Mirabelle Summers and Amy Waterman have just developed a 6-step program that GUARANTEES Relationship Rescue Success!

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Conversation Chemistry

Conversation Chemistry :
How to use the power of communication to create and maintain unstoppable attraction with the Opposite Sex!

Find out why men and women communicate differently, how to start a conversation, how to tease and flirt, how to never run out of anything to say, how to communicate affection, how to argue, how to talk about your feelings, and much more. Conversation Chemistry is nearly 300 pages jam-packed with tips for singles and couples alike. Discover the principles of great communcation with Mirabelle and Amy!

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Connect And Commit

Connect And Commit: How to Take Things to the Next Level of Commitment

You have seen it happen in the movies. You have seen it happen with friends. They meet a gal, fall in love, move in together, get engaged, and seem to live happily ever after. They make it look so easy, and make the elusiveness of real love in your life almost seem a myth! Why is it so hard for YOU to find a decent girlfriend? Will you ever find someone with whom you want to settle down and start a family? That's where Connect And Commit comes in. Amy Waterman will teach you the 5 Elements of Attraction, the 6 Stages of a TRULY Committed Relationship, 5 Mental Mastery Tips, 5 Deadly Commitment Mistakes, and much more.

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